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    Women with big breasts all go through a common suffering: back and neck pain form the extra weight on their chest. In time, their beautiful big breasts pull them down and add pressure for the spine. Big breasts are one of the most beautiful, natural gifts a woman can have, but she pays a pretty big price for them.

    There are two ways a woman could get a breast reduction:

    • breast reduction surgery
    • using natural products like herbs

    The surgery is very expensive and in many cases there are side effects that can affect you for a long period of time. Still this is a method with a guaranteed effect.

    Going natural and using herb is a less invasive method, but the results are not guaranteed. There are a few known herbs that seem to have a breast reduction effect but none of them was proved scientifically.

    Herbs to reduce breast size

    Hoelen – a mushroom that grows on red pine trees in China. This mushroom contains enzymes which damage the root of trees and the wood structure and is used in many natural breast reduction products. There are no scientific proves that Hoelen has any effect on the breasts’ size.

    Guarana – a paste made from a climbing shrub in South Africa and found in almost all herbal products. It is known that Guarana contains tannins and caffeine but again, there is no scientific evidence that it has any breast reduction effect.

    Fennel – this plant is pretty popular among breast reduction products. Fennel is a medicinal plant with anti-bacterial properties used to prevent and treat inflammations. Still there is no scientific study that can prove fennel’s effect on breast reduction.

    Ginger root – another common ingredient in herbal supplements for breast reduction. The plant is used for many years for medicinal purposes in Asiatic countries like India, China and Arabic countries, but there is no scientific proof that has any effect on a woman’s breast size.


    There are many other herbs to reduce breast size in theory but none of these can offer guaranteed results. There are two ways you can do an herbal breast reduction treatment:

    • They can be applied directly on the breast as a paste and massaged until they penetrate the skin. This treatment is repeated every day, twice a day for a few months
    • They can be ingested as herbal supplements.

    Regardless of the method you choose, you must be prepared for the possibility that this treatment won’t show any results.

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