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    common plastic surgery risks

    People living in United Stated spent over $7 billons on surgery that make them look more beautiful according to a report published in 2013. However, changing our looks are not RISK free.

    The first thing comes to mind when you decide to go under the knife is how it can help you or harm you. Well, if you already decide to choose plastic surgery, you’ll need to understand the benefits, as well as the risks. Below you may get some common knowledge and complications about plastic surgery.

    1. Nerve Damage

    There is a risk of getting a nerve damage in many different types of surgeries, including plastic surgery. Numbness is one of the side effects after plastic surgery especially for breast augmentation.

    2. Infection

    Although you may reduce the risk of infection through postoperative care, but it is still one of plastic surgeries with more complications. Two to four percent of women that have gone through breast surgery will get cellulitis.

    3. Scarring

    Any types of surgeries usually leave some scars. Since your main reason for going under the knife is to make yourself look better, so scars are really troublesome in this case. For example, two to five percent of women have abnormally red and thick scars after breast augmentation surgery.

    4. Dissatisfaction With Their Looks

    Even though a lot of people love their results of postoperative, there are still some people that dislike their results. For example, contouring or asymmetry issues may occur when going through facial surgeries.

    5. Organ Damage

    Liposuction is a surgery that may cause internal organ damage. When the surgical probe gets into contact with your internal organs, visceral perforations might occur. More surgeries are needed to fix your organ damage.

    6. Anesthesia

    Surgeons use anesthesia to make the patient unconscious and without feeling pain when going under the knife. However, anesthesia can sometimes harm you. The risks include stroke, lung infections, heart attacks or (even worse) death.

    7. Blood Loss

    As you can expect of any types of surgeries, blood loss is very common when it comes to surgery. There is no exception for plastic surgery too! Unfortunately, excessive blood loss can lead to death because of massive decrease in blood pressure. Blood loss occurs externally or internally during or after the surgery


    It is well known that obese and elderly people are likely to have higher risk for surgeries. To have less risk of getting these side effects, you could investigate your surgeon’s certifications, educate yourself with the information of your plastic surgery then discuss it with your surgeon. Therefore, the surgeon can help you with your concerns and expectations.

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