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    Are you busy with your work that you don’t have enough time for intensive skin care? Well, here is some basic information you can use to help your skin issues and delay your natural aging process. Let’s take a look at these healthy skin care and lifestyle tips.

    1.Stay Away From The Sun

    stay away from sun

    The first tip is to not expose yourself to the sunlight. Sun exposure will lead to skin issues like wrinkles and skin cancer for instance.

    For the most complete sun protection:

    Use Of Sunscreen Is Needed: Using sunscreen with at least 15 SPF to protect yourself from the sunlight especially when going to beach or swimming. Note: Remember to reapply it every 2 hours.

    Find Shade To Prevent Exposing: Try not to get yourself exposed to the sunlight especially during 10 AM to 2 PM. This is the time when the sunlight is the strongest.

    Buy Protective Clothing To Cover Yourself: Wear shirts, pants and hats to cover yourself. Make sure they are all long enough to help you block the sunlight from burning your skin.

    2.No smoking


    Don’t smoke if you don’t want your skin to become older. When you smoke, your blood vessels in the skin will be narrowed. Therefore, your blood flow will be gradually blocked.

    Collagen and elastin will also be damaged if you choose to smoke – this is the fiber that provides strength and elasticity for your skin.

    If you still choose to smoke, there is no way to help you except that you quit smoking. This is the only way to protect your skin. If you have trouble to quit smoking, the best way can help you is to consult a doctor for advice to help you.

    3.Treat Your Skin With Care

    take care your skin

    Shaving and cleansing your skin every day can have a big impact.

    Limit Your Shower Time: Don’t take shower or bath too long. Taking a long shower will definitely do no good for your skin. For instance, it removes the oils from the skin. So, do not ever take a shower too long. My personal recommendation: Do use warm water instead of hot water which it only does harm your skin.

    No Strong Soap: Detergent and soap that are strong can actually remove the oils from your skin.

    Protect Your Skin By Shaving It Carefully: Before you shave, apply gel or lotion on your skin to protect it. Having a sharp razor is recommended by experts, including us.

    Pat Your Skin Dry Is Necessary: You’ll have to gently pat your skin dry with a clean towel after taking a shower.

    Need To Moisturize Your Dry Skin With Care: You are required to use a moisturizer if you have dry skin that needs moisturizing. Remember to ask for help if you’re not sure which moisturizer suits you.

    4. Healthy Diet

    follow healthy diet

    Vegetable, fruit, lean protein and whole grain are the best foods to eat to get younger looking skin. One study suggests that if you follow a healthy diet rich in vitamin C can help your skin look a lot younger and beautiful.

    5. Relieve Your Stress

    relieve stress

    Your stress does not do any good for your skin. When you’re stressful. your skin will become more sensitive, and more skin issues might occur too. Take some time off to do the things you enjoy to relieve your stress so that you benefit both healthy skin and health lifestyle.

  • 18Nov

    common plastic surgery risks

    People living in United Stated spent over $7 billons on surgery that make them look more beautiful according to a report published in 2013. However, changing our looks are not RISK free.

    The first thing comes to mind when you decide to go under the knife is how it can help you or harm you. Well, if you already decide to choose plastic surgery, you’ll need to understand the benefits, as well as the risks. Below you may get some common knowledge and complications about plastic surgery.

    1. Nerve Damage

    There is a risk of getting a nerve damage in many different types of surgeries, including plastic surgery. Numbness is one of the side effects after plastic surgery especially for breast augmentation.

    2. Infection

    Although you may reduce the risk of infection through postoperative care, but it is still one of plastic surgeries with more complications. Two to four percent of women that have gone through breast surgery will get cellulitis.

    3. Scarring

    Any types of surgeries usually leave some scars. Since your main reason for going under the knife is to make yourself look better, so scars are really troublesome in this case. For example, two to five percent of women have abnormally red and thick scars after breast augmentation surgery.

    4. Dissatisfaction With Their Looks

    Even though a lot of people love their results of postoperative, there are still some people that dislike their results. For example, contouring or asymmetry issues may occur when going through facial surgeries.

    5. Organ Damage

    Liposuction is a surgery that may cause internal organ damage. When the surgical probe gets into contact with your internal organs, visceral perforations might occur. More surgeries are needed to fix your organ damage.

    6. Anesthesia

    Surgeons use anesthesia to make the patient unconscious and without feeling pain when going under the knife. However, anesthesia can sometimes harm you. The risks include stroke, lung infections, heart attacks or (even worse) death.

    7. Blood Loss

    As you can expect of any types of surgeries, blood loss is very common when it comes to surgery. There is no exception for plastic surgery too! Unfortunately, excessive blood loss can lead to death because of massive decrease in blood pressure. Blood loss occurs externally or internally during or after the surgery


    It is well known that obese and elderly people are likely to have higher risk for surgeries. To have less risk of getting these side effects, you could investigate your surgeon’s certifications, educate yourself with the information of your plastic surgery then discuss it with your surgeon. Therefore, the surgeon can help you with your concerns and expectations.

  • 21Sep

    Choose A Professional Surgeon To Avoid Getting The Opposite Of Beauty

    Going through plastic surgery to get beauty is not really that bad, but with one exception; you must choose a good surgeon or you may end up getting the results that you did not hope for. For this reason, here is a list of top celebrities for you to check out regardless of good or bad plastic surgery they had.

    Amanda Bynes


    Amanda Bynes, after going through one of her older photos, admitted that she took the path of cosmetic surgery to restructure her nose. The actress really likes her nose job, but she is not the only celebrity that had admitted that they have a nose job to improve their facial looks.

    Ashlee Simpson


    The actress neither confirmed nor denied that she had a nose job. In an interview, she simply said that people can see just fine and they can know the answer if they look. She pointed out that plastic surgery should be opted after thinking carefully, during the interview, and it (plastic surgery) should only be accepted when you are completely comfortable with it.

    Ashley Tisdale


    Ashley Tisdale has said in an interview with People magazine that she had a nose job, but she also added that her reason was not to improve her facial looks but was for health related reasons. She said that she was not a fan of plastic surgery and she only go for it because of her health. She also pointed out that after the surgery she had trouble breathing from one side of her nose.

    Howard Stern


    Stern confirmed on radio, during his show, that he had a nose job to remove nose bump. He said that the change was so minor that only one person, her sister, could tell that he had a nose job.

    Angelina Jolie


    Angelina Jolie is successful and wonderful actress, director and humanitarian. Despite her recent surgeries about double mastectomy and oophorectomy. she seems to have nose job through plastic surgery according to professional plastic surgeons. Angelina Jolie still has not admitted though (link removed).

    Bruce Jenner


    Kim Kardashian, step-daughter of Jenner, posted on her website about the cosmetic surgery of Jenner in mid-80s. According to her, a doctor advised Bruce to have a nose job. However, the announcement was not first time news as the whole procedure was covered by E!

    Courtney Love


    The actress had admitted that she had multiple nose jobs. According to her, she didn’t like her first nose job so she did it again until she was satisfied. She said she wanted her nose to appear natural.

    Dianna Agron


    Dianna Agron has admitted that she had nose surgery twice; first when she was in high school and broke her nose when a friend punched her accidentally and second when she collided with a friend on dance floor. The Glee actress says that now it is fine.

    Kathy Griffin


    She said that she went for the cosmetic surgery when she was 26. She said that people used to tell her that she looked pretty, but her nose was not perfect or that she should get a nose job to improve her looks. She said that she chose the option because she believed what people were saying.

    Jennifer Grey


    Jennifer is one actress that not only claims she had a nose job, but she also says that it has ruined her career. The actress said that rhinoplasty went very wrong for her. She said that after she came out of the operating room, she was not the famous celebrity as before.

    Michael Jackson


    Michael Jackson had gone through many cosmetic procedures during his career and nose job was one of them. He confirmed that he had two nose surgeries.

    Mickey Rourke


    Rourke thought about trying his luck in boxing in 1991. He went with his thought and became a boxer, but it was not very lucky for him as he took a lot of damage on his face during his new career. He went to a surgeon to reshape his face. The actor said that he went for plastic surgery only to restructure his messy face. He said that his nose received five surgeries alone.

    Janet Jackson


    The sister of Michael Jackson, Janet, said that she had indeed gone through rhinoplasty to change her looks. She said she change her nose at the age of 16.

    Nowadays people have plastic surgery to improve his or her looks is quite common, so there is nothing to worry for going under the knife to get beautiful looks. By the way, there’s actually something to be careful when finding a plastic surgeon. Like from Jennifer Grey, she had a very bad plastic surgery from an unprofessional surgeon that ended ruining her career. Be careful when choosing your surgeon.

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    washing face

    With the passage of time, people do not believe on the cleansers available in the market are made through natural products and can lead a person to lag behind others. A woman who desires to be beautiful can also suffer from various other issues if she does not pay attention to the natural cleansers. What should you do now? You need to keep on reading this article as I am going to unveil 11 ways to make natural face cleansers so that you may use them to wash your face. Making natural cleansers can be easy as described here under.

    Make some Generic Cleanser and this cleanser is really great for all types of skins and anyone can use this cleanser because it is the best one and we all can enjoy them. You can make it using 1/8 cups of almonds, 2 tbs of milk and 1 teaspoon of lemon and you will surely get a handsome look for making this.

    There are various other cleansers but dry skin is really perfect to consider. If your skin is dry, you need to try it. Get ¼ cucumber, 2 tbs of oatmeal and 2 tbs of yogurt and mix them to apply on your facial skin to have great cleansers results.

    Honey Cleanser is also great to apply on your skin and you can make it by having 1 tbs of honey, 1 tbs of rice bran and 1 tbs of cream. Mix all the ingredients and get a great cleanser for your facial skin to apply.

    Watch this to learn some basics: Organic Skin Cleanser Recipe

    Some other good natural face cleansers recipes:

    Stimulating cleansers are good for those whose skin is a bit dry. You can make this natural cleanser by having 1 tomato, 2 tbs milk and 2 tbs lemon juice. Mix them well and get your cleanser in your hands to apply on your facial skin.

    Revitalize Cleanser is the best one and you need 1 slice of apple, 1 tbs olive oil, 2 tbs yogurt and 1 tbs lemon juice to make this cleanser and apply on your face. On the other hand, moisturizer cleanser can be made by having 1 tbs olive oil, 4 graps and 1 tbs of milk. Mix them well and get results.

    Protector cleanser is good and can be made by using 1 aloe vera leaf, 1 slice of papaya, 1 tbs honey and 1 tbs yogurt. Mix them well and get your natural cleanser.

    Face wash is easy to make and you need to 1 tbs sugar, 1 tbs of honey, 2 tbs of face wash and 2 tbs of aloe. Mix them well and get results. Bring 4 tbs flour, 2 tbs water and some sugar to mix them for making smoothing cleansers. Traditional cleanser can be made by 3 tbs basan, 2 tbs of turmeric and 2 tbs hot water. You need 2 tbs flour and 2 tbs rose water to make natural exfoliate for better results. Thanks for reading this article. Don’t forget to make one yourself after learning the recipes! Source: wikiHow.Com

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    Permanent makeup is a highlighting method which includes tattooing and piercing. It is the part of the health and beauty which is growing in fast-rate as a trend.

    Permanent makeup started with the starting of 20th century. The major developer of this process is George Burchett. He advanced it as a fashion in the 1930s. At that time the surgery was not done by skilled and qualified surgeon, rather there were many technicians with malpractice. Later on, the trend developed and became a new and legal practice.


    Benefits in permanent makeup    

    Unclear eyebrows or partial eyebrows, there is no need to worry because permanent makeup can help you in such case. For definite lip line, cure of lip bleeding, freedom from lipsticks and lip scars, you can remember permanent make up. A cosmetic tattoo, lip tattoo or an eyeliner tattoo reduces all your problems forever concerning your beauty and health.

    Incredible benefits can be achieved from permanent makeup. You may skip wrinkling with aging and look young forever. The scar bands may disappear due to flattening of scars. However, these benefits are not guaranteed. Some people may look great after 20 years of surgery while some may need another in the next year.

    How permanent makeup is done?

    Permanent make up is just like getting a tattoo. The specialist uses needles and breaches your skin to release color and effect so that you will get a new look in your face. Your skin is checked correctly so that it will not get allergic to the surgery. Surgical pen is used to mark the area of surgery. Then hollow needle is used which drop pigment to the penetrated area. It will take approximately three weeks to get a surgery done.

    How safe is the permanent make up?

    Permanent make up can be safe as well as dangerous. It just depends on the specialist who is after your surgery. If the surgeon is skilled, then the process is very safe. But if the surgeon is unqualified and unskilled then you may be in trouble.

    Similar to tattooing, there is always a needle to put the essential pigments on the skin in permanent make up. This corrects the defectiveness of scars and skin problems. The process of tattooing is like medical restoration. In very rare cases only, people who undergo permanent make up have to face swelling or allergy. The credit all goes to the skilled and qualified surgeons who take care of physical health of their client before surgery.

    After the permanent make up, you may face the problem like swelling and change in color. The pierced area can be infectious and dangerous. You may also get allergy. There may be formation of scars, skin cracking and burning. These all problems are due to unskilled surgeons and use of unreliable equipment.

    In some cases, there is no turning back. Thus, the surgeon you are concerned with must be skilled and it is important that the surgeon uses suitable equipment to protect the health of the client. Preventive measures should be appropriately adopted in the transmission of blood accepted pathogens.

    Therefore, it is after you that you will face troubles or have a fabulous surgery without any mistakes. Your ability to choose a surgeon decides whether you are going to look greater than before or uglier. This is the recommended surgeon for permanent makeup in Nassau which he has quite a good reputation in helping people with the need of this beauty surgery.

    Things you should do before surgery

    Everything should be in process in permanent makeup. You should make sure that the surgeon you are hiring is a licensed and professional technician. You should know how experienced the technician is. His previous surgeries and the results are of course the matter of your concern because you do not want to risk your health for an artificial beauty. If possible, you can take advice of the person who has gone through permanent makeup. You should also look after the tools the surgeon uses for your surgery to avoid any infections.

    However, the most common problem you may face after permanent makeup is dissatisfaction. You should better make your mind before the surgery because changing the face may not be as easy as changing the mind. The removal of permanent makeup is not impossible but is more difficult than putting the makeup. Moreover, the removal process may be painful and infectious.

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