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    Permanent makeup is a highlighting method which includes tattooing and piercing. It is the part of the health and beauty which is growing in fast-rate as a trend.

    Permanent makeup started with the starting of 20th century. The major developer of this process is George Burchett. He advanced it as a fashion in the 1930s. At that time the surgery was not done by skilled and qualified surgeon, rather there were many technicians with malpractice. Later on, the trend developed and became a new and legal practice.


    Benefits in permanent makeup    

    Unclear eyebrows or partial eyebrows, there is no need to worry because permanent makeup can help you in such case. For definite lip line, cure of lip bleeding, freedom from lipsticks and lip scars, you can remember permanent make up. A cosmetic tattoo, lip tattoo or an eyeliner tattoo reduces all your problems forever concerning your beauty and health.

    Incredible benefits can be achieved from permanent makeup. You may skip wrinkling with aging and look young forever. The scar bands may disappear due to flattening of scars. However, these benefits are not guaranteed. Some people may look great after 20 years of surgery while some may need another in the next year.

    How permanent makeup is done?

    Permanent make up is just like getting a tattoo. The specialist uses needles and breaches your skin to release color and effect so that you will get a new look in your face. Your skin is checked correctly so that it will not get allergic to the surgery. Surgical pen is used to mark the area of surgery. Then hollow needle is used which drop pigment to the penetrated area. It will take approximately three weeks to get a surgery done.

    How safe is the permanent make up?

    Permanent make up can be safe as well as dangerous. It just depends on the specialist who is after your surgery. If the surgeon is skilled, then the process is very safe. But if the surgeon is unqualified and unskilled then you may be in trouble.

    Similar to tattooing, there is always a needle to put the essential pigments on the skin in permanent make up. This corrects the defectiveness of scars and skin problems. The process of tattooing is like medical restoration. In very rare cases only, people who undergo permanent make up have to face swelling or allergy. The credit all goes to the skilled and qualified surgeons who take care of physical health of their client before surgery.

    After the permanent make up, you may face the problem like swelling and change in color. The pierced area can be infectious and dangerous. You may also get allergy. There may be formation of scars, skin cracking and burning. These all problems are due to unskilled surgeons and use of unreliable equipment.

    In some cases, there is no turning back. Thus, the surgeon you are concerned with must be skilled and it is important that the surgeon uses suitable equipment to protect the health of the client. Preventive measures should be appropriately adopted in the transmission of blood accepted pathogens.

    Therefore, it is after you that you will face troubles or have a fabulous surgery without any mistakes. Your ability to choose a surgeon decides whether you are going to look greater than before or uglier. This is the recommended surgeon for permanent makeup in Nassau which he has quite a good reputation in helping people with the need of this beauty surgery.

    Things you should do before surgery

    Everything should be in process in permanent makeup. You should make sure that the surgeon you are hiring is a licensed and professional technician. You should know how experienced the technician is. His previous surgeries and the results are of course the matter of your concern because you do not want to risk your health for an artificial beauty. If possible, you can take advice of the person who has gone through permanent makeup. You should also look after the tools the surgeon uses for your surgery to avoid any infections.

    However, the most common problem you may face after permanent makeup is dissatisfaction. You should better make your mind before the surgery because changing the face may not be as easy as changing the mind. The removal of permanent makeup is not impossible but is more difficult than putting the makeup. Moreover, the removal process may be painful and infectious.

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